ICE Credit Reports


Measuring commercial creditworthiness has always been difficult...that is, until the ICE Credit Exchange came along. Not only does the ICE database have fresh, accurate data, it has information that cannot be found on any other third-party platform.

It is more than just a credit report.

Industry-Specific Data

Using data from your peers, ICE Credit Reports provide you a timely snapshot of a shared customer.  It has the data you expect from a credit report– an aging report, credit line, contact information and much more. The ICE Credit Reports are invaluable when processing new customer applications, adjusting credit lines, conducting account reviews or even supporting your business collection strategy.

Make better decisions with ICE credit reports. 

ICE Credit Exchange

The ICE Credit Exchange is a set of data analytic tools and credit exchange groups used to assist credit departments in making the right decisions for better business performance.


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